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Our Purpose

Bridging the gap

We are driven by the belief that the industry needs a transformation to address this gap between art an data, offering solutions that are not only agile but also impactful on business strategy.

We are passionate about excellence and committed to developing individuals who share our vision. Our team strive to connect brands and audiences in meaningful ways.
Our Vision
"Evolving creativity with strategy and data while building a legacy of innovation and excellence."



We craft content strategies aligned to the media plan and business' goals.


We create ads at scale, efficient, cross-platform with different formats.


We measure the effectiveness and impact of our creativity on the business.



We optimize by learning from our results.
Rufus Values

What we strive to
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Guiding our purpose and fueling our passion
Our Team

Meet the Team Behind Rufus

Unveiling the Minds Shaping Future Strategies
Tomas Chimondeguy
Matias Bodino
Lucia Garcia de Cossio
Tamara Olazar
Ops Lead
Mercedes Paolantonio
Creative Project Manager
Carla Stoppa
Data & Strategy Manager
Martina Bodino
Project Manager
Lucia Betemps
Talent Producer
Julieta Bruno
Marketing Specialist
Victoria Yannelli
Head of Marketing
Teo Pomodoro
Pedro Zeaiter
Creative Strategist
Florencia Amado
Creative Analyst
Sofia Ricci
Creative Project Manager
Delfina Bunge
Luz Hernandez
Bosco Sangra
Juana Molina
Creative Leader
Lucila De Oto
Creative Project Manager
Martina Blanco
Client Success Director
Magali Rojas
Sales and Partnerships Director
Clara Viot
Creative Analyst
Miranda Marini
Production Ops Manager
Milagros Carbery
Creative Project Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Adressing Your Concerns, Highlighting Our Strengths
What sets Rufus apart in the digital marketing landscape?

The capacity to build a bridge between the best of creativity and performance.

How does Rufus ensure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns?

Rufus maximizes advertising effectiveness through data-driven strategies, analytics, and continuous optimization, ensuring impactful campaigns aligned with clients' goals.

Can Rufus handle campaigns for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Rufus caters to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions tailored to meet the unique advertising needs of each client.

How does Rufus measure the success of its marketing strategies?

Rufus measures the success of its marketing strategies through a comprehensive analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), including but not limited to conversion rates, engagement metrics, etc. This data-driven approach allows Rufus to refine and optimize strategies for continuous improvement.

What types of services does Rufus offer?

Rufus offers a range of services encompassing creativity, performance marketing, and data-driven solutions. This includes creative content development, advertising campaign management, and leveraging data insights to enhance marketing effectiveness.

How does Rufus ensure brand consistency across different platforms?

Rufus ensures brand consistency and performance across different platforms through meticulous creative direction, comprehensive brand guidelines, and a strategic approach to content creation. By aligning creative elements with the core brand identity and values, Rufus maintains a cohesive and recognizable brand presence, fostering what we like to call "brandformance" – a synergy of brand-building and performance marketing that ensures not only visual consistency but also impactful results on various platforms.