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We deliver full-funnel campaigns with Creators. Whether you're building brand awareness or optimizing for performance, you just send us the brief and we deliver results.

Sourcing and production

From ideation and sourcing to production. We handle the process to deliver impactful and authentic content.

Culturally Relevant Content

Watch your campaigns soar to new heights with creator-generated content across diverse platforms. Engage your audience through native content.

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your brand

We help you define what, how and whom so you can communicate your product the most native and authentic way possible.
Proficient scouting and selection of creator profiles tailored to brand goals.
End-to-end management of content creation.
Performance-Oriented Creatives.

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Full-funnel, native, authentic content aligned with the brand's strategy, enhanced with data.
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We believe in the power of focused methods, achieving results through clear and efficient strategies.
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1. Brief

Selecting the right creators is our priority; we develop ideas and scripts and manage negotiations, contracts and payments.

2. Creators Sourcing

We team-up with creators to produce best in class content. Artistic management and direction is on us.

3. Production

Handling idea development and scriptwriting, coupled with managing artists, negotiations, and artistic direction, we ensure seamless post-production.

4. Implementation

Setting up and executing campaigns involves rigorous testing and optimization to maximize their effectiveness.

5. Measurement & Optimization

Results are closely monitored and analyzed by our team, ensuring comprehensive reporting and insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adressing Your Concerns, Highlighting Our Strengths
What is UGC and why should brands consider campaigns with creators?

User-Generated Content (UGC) refers to the content crafted by Creators - individuals using their own tools and expertise. This content stands out for its authenticity, genuineness, and real-world impact. As users take on the role of creators, sharing their experiences and creativity, UGC becomes a powerful avenue for brands to authentically integrate themselves into these narratives. This dynamic interaction not only strengthens the brand-user connection but also unlocks the immense potential for meaningful engagement.

How do creator rights work?

Rufus negotiates and agrees on rights sessions with each talent according to the needs of each campaign. Rights can always be renewed and can also be multi-platform.

Can you elaborate on the benefits of integrating creator-generated content into paid media strategies?

Integrating creator content enhances authenticity, diversity, and engagement in campaigns. It adds credibility, is cost-effective, reaches niche audiences, and adapts to trends. Overall, it brings a human touch to paid media strategies for more effective marketing.

What challenges do brands face when attempting to engage with creators directly?

Brands may face challenges like identifying the right creators, negotiating fair deals, ensuring brand alignment, and managing the entire collaboration process. Direct engagement demands time, effort, and expertise to navigate potential pitfalls and maximize the value of the partnership.

How can creator-generated content be leveraged for sustained campaign impact?

By integrating creator-generated content strategically throughout the campaign, brands can maintain audience engagement. This involves leveraging diverse content formats, utilizing creators' unique perspectives, continually refreshing the content to align with evolving trends and audience preferences, and benefiting from the native and organic feel in a saturated digital world.